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About First Aid FX 

Welcome to First Aid FX and thank you for visiting our site.  First Aid FX  was established in 2018 due to a need for our own training needs. We have since grown and now produce bespoke simulation wounds for many organisations across the UK, some of which have included the Police, Armed Forces, Air Ambulance services and the NHS. 

Our wounds were developed to provide realistic looking, reusable simulation wounds that to be used for the purposes of first aid training for a variety of of environments.  Our team is made up of paramedics, midwives and first responders to bring you a product as realistic as possible.

Across this site you’ll find all the simulation wounds necessary to make your ‘casualties’ look like they are in need of first aid, or if you want – in need of an ambulance! We’ve had people recoiling in revulsion with some of the items from our selection of prosthetic trauma, burns and stab wounds. Our products are hand made, sculpted from latex and flexible plastics, then appropriately hand painted and spattered with (fake) blood.

Our items allow you to simulate some of the more unusual injuries it’s possible to sustain, such as those inflicted by errant screws, as well as the more common – like broken bones, burns to the skin of your arm, knife wounds, etc. Be warned, we’ve been told that our products are not for the faint-hearted!

Just take a few moments to browse our selection and we’re sure you will find something that meets your needs, and if you don’t – we’ll build a custom product to you, just get in touch. We’ve made many specific wounds based on the scenario people are training for, whether it be a forestry injury, a horse riding accident or an explosion!

Call us on 0333 050 8020 with any specific requirements and we’ll quote based on your needs.


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